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Video & Other Learning Resources

This page contains some of the best videos currently available to the public on the internet produced by quality networks such as PBS and the BBC. Unlike recent popular “Amish” shows on TV, these are well made films presenting an intelligent, respectful and nuanced approach in their consideration of various aspects of the Amish church and culture. To a certain degree some of these films are biased in that people who are considering leaving the Amish church are the main focus. In a way this is only natural, as the majority of happy and contented Amish people would not allow a film crew to come into their homes and film them as part of a documentary. They would consider such self promotion to be an unseemly form of pride. Taking part in such a film would also in most cases lead to serious disciplinary measures from the church leaders. Nevertheless  I hope someday to see a well made documentary about the Amish which does not have disaffected members or former members as the main subjects of the film. A trailer of the recent PBS documentary, “The Amish: Shunned”, is currently available at this link.  It may also be purchased along with the earlier PBS documentary, “The Amish” at this link.

Visit the Amish America website and subscribe to receive their informative & entertaining posts on just about everything Amish, including news stories, photos, and slices of Amish life.

Another highly recommended general resource for information concerning the Amish is the Amish Studies website of the Young Center for Anabaptist & Pietist Studies, Elizabethtown College.